Prepaid Guest Passes

Guests are welcome beginning July 1st unless otherwise noted.  

Please note, the same guest may not visit the Club more than three (3) times in one season, regardless of the member who brings them. The Club reserves the right to change/limit our guest policy at any point. Children 3 years and younger are free. Passes are non-refundable once purchased, but remain in your member account and roll over from season to season until used. Once a guest is checked into the Club, the guest pass cannot be restored to your account, even for weather related Club closures. Please be mindful that members are responsible for the behavior of their guests and must remain onsite with them at all times. Children under 14 years (13 years and younger) must be accompanied and supervised by a member, caregiver, parent/guardian (16 years and older).

Guest Passes

SRV welcomes guests Monday through Thursday in June and any day beginning July 5th, with the exception of Member Only Days. Keep in mind, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Purchase guest passes here. Passes are non-refundable once purchased but do not expire. Passes are stored in your member account and any unused passes carryover to the next season.

1 Prepaid Guest Pass - $20.00
2 Prepaid Guest Passes - $40.00
3 Prepaid Guest Passes - $60.00
4 Prepaid Guest Passes - $80.00
5 Prepaid Guest Passes - $100.00
10 Prepaid Guest Passes - $200.00
15 Prepaid Guest Passes - $300.00
20 Prepaid Guest Passes - $400.00
25 Prepaid Guest Passes - $500.00
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Guest passes are non-refundable once purchased. Unused passes will remain in your account and roll over until used. Once you check into the club, we do not refund guest passes for any reason, including weather closures. The same guest may not visit SRV more than 3 times in a season, regardless of which member brings them. Guests will need to sign a standard club waiver. If bringing children as guests without their parent/guardian, be sure to have a waiver signed in advance and bring with you.